Brake Systems

Brake Disks

This is the part of the brake system that actually stops the car. They are usually made of solid cast iron and can be ventilated (depending on vehicle weight and power). 
The action of stopping is caused by the friction of the brake pads pressing down hard on the brake discs. 

Brake discs are subjected to very extreme temperatures and conditions. Over time, the discs can become worn and develop hotspots which will cause the wheels to wobble (vibration in the steering wheel).

Brake Disc Skimming

Skimming the discs so that they perfectly match the drive flange again will eliminate issues and prevent the need for replacement.

Skimming is necessary when:

Discs are corroded or rusty 
There is brake shudder 
Brakes feel spongy

Brake Pads

These are components of braking systems using brake discs and are steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface. 

They make contact with the brake disc in order to stop wheel rotation. Brake pads should be replaced regularly and are usually equipped with a thin piece of soft metal that causes the brakes to squeal when the pads are too thin.

Brake Lining

It is composed of soft but extremely tough and heat-resistant material which is attached to the brake pad or brake shoe (usually using high temperature adhesives or rivets).
The brake lining in either case is the part which actually makes contact with the brake disc or drum.

Brake Drums

Brake drums are the alternative to disk brakes. This round, hollow part of the brake mechanism is attached to the wheel and has pressure applied to it by the brake shoes in order to arrest wheel rotation (an alternate system to using brake discs). 

This system is sometimes found in the rear brakes of a car, while brake discs are used in the front brakes. Older cars may have this system in the front and back.

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